Sunday, July 17, 2011

Blanchette Park (Saint Charles, MO)

Blanchette represents St. Charles well. People of all colors, ages, economic strata. Baseball, swimming, tennis, horseshoes. A large playground. Memorial hall--where you'll find worship, weddings, pancake bakes, card games, family reunions, city meetings and so on. Boys and Girls club. Parks and rec. A beautiful English garden (pictured here) and more. Oh yeah...and one of St. Louis' best sledding hills is here as well.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Serendipity Ice Cream (Webster Groves, MO)

I was in the mood for ice cream.

My son was invited to go out for ice cream following his Jazz ensembles concert as Webster University. The location of choice was Serendipity Ice Cream.

The shop occupies a couple storefronts of the downtown strip. The main room houses the large ice cream cooler. (I wish they had a board of flavors. Maybe I missed that.)

Fortunately the Gold Coast chocolate caught my gaze. Black as midnight. And then a nearby bin of home swirled ice cream with big chunks of cherries in it. I decided the two would mix well in a malt. My one son had a banana ice cream malt. The other a strawberry-banana fruit smoothie. The three set us back $12. But it was worth it.

Very rich. But not so much that I would have needed one of the free lact-aids they offered at the register.

The second room is seating. Could be nicer. But worked well for my son and his friends.

Would definitely recommend if you're in this neck of the woods.