Saturday, August 27, 2011

Benton Park Cafe (Benton Park Neighborhood, Saint Louis)

The intersection of Lemp and Arsenal serves as a gateway to Benton Park and the Cherokee neighborhoods. It also is the intersection where you'll find Gus's Pretzels and Benton Park Café.

You'll find fresh-brewed coffee and breakfast served all day: overstuffed omelets, sweet pancakes, loaded burritos and scrumptious breakfast pizzas. And if you need a little spike in the coffee to warm you on a winters day, that’s available for you. Lunch and dinner fare are excellent as well.

If you come in on a regular basis you’ll get to know Jeremy, John, Jess, Eddy and the rest of staff. If frequent the Benton Park area you may find a neighbor or co-worker or local artist occupying a nearby stool or table.

The front dining room is dotted with photography, coffee carafes, and an array of cozy tables. The back dining room is a bit more homey with lights and trim. The kitchen is there too.

Thursday nights get a little loud as crowds gather to test their trivial wit and imbibe in a local brews: Budweiser (you can see the brewery out the front windows) and Schlafly (brewed not too far away).

Benton Park Café offers great breakfasts to start your morning; a convenient place to meet a friend for lunch and a homey space to gather with friends and family over dinner, drinks and appetizers.

Benton Park Café. 1900 Arsenal Street. Saint Louis.