Friday, September 23, 2011

Coffee Anyone?

Where I grab coffee in this city depends on how much time I have, how much money I've got in my wallet, and how out of the way I want to go to guarantee a good cup.

If I'm in St. Charles (home) it is usually a quad shot latte at Picasso's.

I try to avoid Crooked Tree's overcooked coffee.

Saint Charles Coffeehouse is good, but out of my way.
Same with Cappuccinos in O'Fallon (MO).

If I'm in the loop I grab a large cup of black goodness at Meshuggah's.

In Lafayette Square I'll go to Park Avenue.

In Benton Park it's the Mud House or Foam.

Soulard Coffee Garden is good.

I like Foundation Grounds on Manchester, but am rarely over that way.

Coffee Kartel is alright (in the Central West End).
Kayak's is alright (near Wash U. and Forest Park).

I'm not a huge Kaldi's fan (I've been to the Kirkwood and Chesterfield locations).
Nor am I a fan of BreadCos coffee.
[But will drink both if that's the only option.]

I am ok with Peet's...but there's just the Lumiere location.

Starbucks is a safe (if I must) default.
I actually thought the Starbucks in Webster was pretty nice...lots of space...lots of local flare.

There's a host of others I have yet to try.
Recommendations welcome.