Friday, March 7, 2014

Budweiser Brewery Tours

St. Louis is known for baseball and beer..Cardinals and Clydesdales...lots of brews, but especially Budweiser. Even if you're not a fan of the flagship beer, you will be a fan of the tours you get at the Budweiser Soulard facility. I have done both the standard FREE tour and the BREWMASTER ($25) tour - and enjoyed both for different reasons. On a standard tour you a in there with 25-30 other people. You get a lot of history and insight; you get to view stuff from behind the glass; and you get some free beer at the end of the tour. The brewmaster tour varies some based on the questions you ask and your tour guide. When I did the brewmaster tour it was just my dad and I and we had opportunities to go down into the hops room, visit the control room and talk to engineers, and go down on the bottling line. They loaded us up with free gifts and we closed our our visit with a tasting in a private room with leather sofas and our own server. I'm itching now to go to beer school ($10) just to see what all's involved. There is a nice museum and beer garden at the Soulard facility that are open to the public at all times. It's insightful for children as well as there is a lot of history at this you get a chance to see the Clydesdales that are housed on-site. Kids get unlimited soda at the end. [Note: Be sure to skip across the highway to Gus' Pretzels while you're down there. The Soulard market is also near by.] More info on brewery tours at:

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