Friday, March 28, 2014

Picasso's Coffee - Saint Charles, MO

There are a handful of places to get coffee while strolling the streets of St. Charles, Missouri; but none will deliver as good a cup as Picasso's.

End of review.

OK. Not really.

Coffee-wise. The house coffee is fine. The brew bar is better. Don't be afraid to ask about character and notes of the varietals available.

Espresso-wise. I'm a purist. I like a quad-shot 16 oz. latte. Just enough espresso to give it some kick and to deliver a full-flavored drink. If you are going with a sweet-syrup-laced drink you are welcome to dial-back to the standard 2-shots with a 16 oz. drink.

If you're dropping by late afternoon/evening you've got options for you to get your favorite coffee drink while a friend enjoys an adult beverage (varieties of wine and beer change up on a regular basis).

Picasso's does feature live music and events several nights a week. They also feature a rotating roster of artists on the walls.

Price-wise. They are in check with most other coffeehouses (and Starbucks). Expect to spend $3 for a decent cup o coffee and $5 for a latte. Breakfast and lunch options run $6-10.

Picasso's Coffee is located at 101 North Main Street in Historic St. Charles.

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